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    Welcome to
    Synergy HealthCare
    It is our business to save you money
    by creating synergies that provide the
    best opportunities for improved outcomes
    and increased operating margins.
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    Cost Control
    Create synergy within your organization
    with access to some of the most favorable
    contracts in the industry, based on high
    quality product formularies, strategically
    developed to meet your needs.
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    Unique Synergy
    Members of Synergy's HealthCare Alliance
    are presented with unique and
    exciting opportunities to expand
    their operations, horizontally.

reduce cost, increase efficiencies, create synergies

Synergy HealthCare Alliance, LLC, a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), was founded by a group of experienced healthcare operators, specializing in sub-acute and long term care, whose management team had successfully negotiated some of the most favorable contracts for high quality products and services in the industry. After several years of assisting other healthcare organizations negotiate better pricing than the national Group Purchasing Organizations and large nursing home chains, Synergy HealthCare Alliance, LLC, was formed to provide other healthcare organizations access to its superior contract portfolio and unparalleled pricing agreements.