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Utilization Control

While strong contracts for high quality products and services with low pricing is a great start, Synergy recognizes that most healthcare organizations can significantly realize additional savings by better managing their internal systems and controls. Synergy HealthCare Alliance has a customized web-based procurement and purchasing technology system that will help you control utilization and reduce waste.

Synergy's preferred procurement system has been customized to meet the needs of its members. It searches for items based on flexible criteria, which makes it user-friendly, and has built-in controls such as confirmation that items were actually received. It also offers a customized approval process to help members improve controls at the facility level. Members set their parameters for who is required to approve orders, based on item, quantity, or dollar amount. Synergy understands that all healthcare organizations are unique, and believes that it needs to be agile enough to allow operators the ability to determine which orders need to be approved by a Department Head, Administrator, Regional Director, or CEO.

While Synergy has strict criteria and high expectations in order to allow vendors to participate, it also allows multiple vendors to participate for the same product, in order to keep pricing competitive. In order to control and enhance operational efficiencies, the system will automatically select the lowest priced vendor among multiple competitive contracts.

Synergy will help you manage your expenses with its built-in Budget vs. Actual reports. As facility level staff place orders for any item, the system will report what has been spent in the current month vs. budget. It will also provide reports to management showing where individual departments and facilities are in their monthly spent vs. budget, and will email alerts based on predetermined parameters when a facility is approaching their monthly or quarterly budget limit.

Synergy offers its customized procurement and purchasing system, with on-going staff training, to its members, free of charge.